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Are You an Adult and Want to Have a Straighter Smile?

Posted on Wednesday, October 11, 2017 at 1:36 am

My name is Chris Shannon and I am an orthodontist in Davenport, Fl. I have noticed more and more adults want to have that perfectly straight smile but are turned off by the thought of wearing metal braces. Fortunately, clear aligners have the capacity to move teeth into perfect alignment. They are plastic that cover the surface of the teeth and are nearly invisible. They can be taken off to eat and for oral hygiene. Unfortunately clear aligners cannot treat all severities of bites and crooked teeth.
Another option is clear braces. This type of treatment works just as well as traditional metal braces but is also nearly invisible. More complex rotations in teeth and bad bites can be corrected with this type of treatment.
Treatment time is also something that adults are concerned about. Many people believe that treatment has to be 2-3 years or longer. This does not have to be true. Most of my adult treatment plans are 18 months or less and many are 6-8 months.
At Shannon Orthodontics we offer both clear aligners and clear braces that are guaranteed not to stain. If clear aligners don’t give you the smile that you were after, you have the option of receiving clear braces, at no additional charge, to make your smile amazing. That is our satisfaction guarantee.
It’s never too late to improve your smile. Shannon Orthodontics is located at 39863 HWY 27, Davenport. Give us a call for a FREE consultation at (863) 353-6867. Hablamos español, tambien.