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Beef O’Brady’s a family tradition for owner of Four Corners location

Posted on Wednesday, July 10, 2019 at 1:24 am

By ANITA TODD | Contributing Writer


FOUR CORNERS – Beef O’Brady’s is a family tradition for the Bosko family. 

Andy Bosko is carrying on that tradition — created by his parents, Don and Linda — by purchasing his first Beef’s recently at a location in Four Corners at 45653 U.S. 27.

Back in 1991, Don and Linda Bosko opened the first Polk County Beef O’Brady’s in south Lakeland. Only 11at the time, Andy occasionally helped out as a dishwasher, his first job of many for the franchise.

“We lived in Brandon and the original Beef O’Brady’s was two miles from our house,” Andy said. “We went there all the time and liked it so much, (my family) decided to buy one.”

There are hundreds of the family-friendly sports pubs located in the southeastern United States, including nine in Polk County. 

The Bosko family later moved to Lakeland, where Andy graduated from George Jenkins High School. 

Over the years, the senior Boskos bought and sold numerous locations, most of which either Andy or one of his three siblings were — or are still —employed by, since the family still owns several. 

As time passed, Andy remained loyal to the restaurants – not just because they are the family businesses – but because of what he believes the restaurant brand stands for.

“Beef O’Brady’s is about family and supports the local community – which is much different than most sports bars,” he said. “I like that.”

Andy says he appreciates the family concept  even more since he now is married to his wife, Rachel, and they have two children, Rylan and Keegan.

Andy worked at Orlando locations while he was a student at the University of Central Florida. He has a bachelor’s degree in management that he said has helped him with human resources and people skills at work. 

Now, he’s using all the years of experience and education to help the staff focus on customer service and food quality at his new restaurant. 

“I’ve tried to get the staff on board because if we focus on customer service and food quality the revenues will increase. When revenues increase so will the raises for the staff,” Andy said. 

Customers won’t see any changes to the interior of the restaurant right away but, he said, hopefully they will see improvements in the service and food.

And, as far as his kids helping in the kitchen like he did? 

“Not yet since they are only nine and six,” he said. 

But, those days are probably on the horizon because it is a family tradition, after all.