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Braces at a young age with Shannon Orthodontics

Posted on Wednesday, May 15, 2019 at 4:55 pm

We recommend getting an orthodontic consult at the age of 7-8.  Getting braces at a young age can prove most effective in preventing dental problems in the future. 

Permanent teeth start to come in around the ages of 6-8.  The bones are still growing, which makes it the best time to determine what orthodontic treatment is needed — now or in the future.

A fun aspect of having braces is getting to choose colorful elastics! You or your child can pick their favorite colors, school-pride colors or base them on the holidays. 

And, because braces are very common in many young people, they have become more acceptable. Seven is the recommended age to schedule your child’s orthodontic exam, according to The American Association of Orthodontists. 

You may ask, “Don’t children still have their baby teeth at this age?” 

Yes, but this is to screen for any problems before braces and prepare for orthodontic issues. These can include underbites, overbites, lack of space, overcrowding, their bite and more. Early screening for these problems is beneficial at a young age, as well, due to the fact that their bones are still growing.

By catching these problems early, we can work to align the jaw, create space for the permanent teeth and/or align his/her teeth early. This first phase of orthodontic treatment is a jumpstart to helping your child have a straight and healthy smile. 

If you’re looking for orthodontic care, please give our office a call at (863) 353-6867. No referral is required.  

We will be happy to schedule your complimentary exam and work with you and your child to find the best solution for a straight smile.