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Clermont Police Swear in Their First Ever Police Cadet

Posted on Tuesday, February 13, 2018 at 1:43 am

Chief Charles Broadway is proud to announce a new program in the recruitment and hiring process for police officers in the city of Clermont. According to Chief Broadway, “In choosing a career in law enforcement, you have chosen a line of work, outside of the military service, where there is no higher calling.”
During fiscal year 2017, Clermont City Council approved a new Police Cadet position. This Police Cadet position allows us to interview and select an individual to attend the Police Academy, and we will pay not only the tuition and lab fees, but an hourly wage as well.
Upon posting the position, we received numerous applications and letters of interest. After reviewing all the applications, conducting several interviews as well as a rigorous testing and vetting process, Alexa Vakratsis was offered first the position of Police Cadet. Alexa will attend the Police Academy at the Institute of Public Safety in Tavares. The class starts on February 12th, 2018.
Alexa comes to Clermont with her Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice from Siena Heights University. Prior to her position as a Police Cadet, Alexa has worked as a dispatcher for the Siena Heights Institute of Public Safety, served as an intern at the Wayne County Prosecutor’s Office in Detroit, Michigan, and most recently, held a leadership position at Disney World, focusing on security for cast members and guests.
According to Chief Broadway, “Police work is more than a job or profession. It is truly a calling. A calling that involves service to our community for the greater of good.” We wish Ms. Vakratsis the best of luck on her new journey and look forward to her joining the ranks of the Clermont Police Department.