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Life in a Cat House

Our cats have a drinking problem. No, they don’t stagger around like they just left a shady roadhouse on a back road somewhere. All they drink is water, but they consume great amounts of it for their size.

Our kitty water is in a nifty little plastic bowl with a reservoir on it. The thing was made for baby chickens and it automatically refills as the water level in the drinking area goes down.  We have it set up just outside the door to my little home office and I can hear it glug, glug, glug as it refills when a cat is lapping water, which is often.

The container the water feeds from holds about a gallon and a half and that doesn’t last very long. We have to keep constant eye on it to make sure it is filled when it runs low. My wife, Vivian, gets on me a lot for not paying attention to the water level when I walk past it several times a day. I am trying to do better, but a few days ago I let it run totally dry so the cats were licking the bottom trying to get a bit of moisture.

Our old Ozrow cat is a heavy drinker. He always has been. When he comes in the house on a hot day he heads straight for the water for long drinks. He’ll then go to the nearby food dish for a snack and then usually return for another round of drinking.

Our young Amelia Jane doesn’t slurp water the way Ozrow does, but she is a steady drinker. Usually she gets small amounts at a time but makes several trips to the water every day.

We had a couple of big cats at one time, much larger than our present two, and the big ones never used up water anywhere close to the rate Ozrow and Amelia Jane do.

We had one cat that didn’t like the water dish setup. He always wanted to drink out of faucets in the bathroom and would demand one be turned on for him. He really liked the one in the bathtub but was happy with the one at the sink. It was an unhappy day for him when we had the bathtub torn out and replaced it with a plain shower only.

Still, he continued at the sink. I suspect he would have guzzled water from the kitchen sink if we would have allowed it. As it was, he had to stick with the bathroom.

We tried to  teach him to trun the water on and off by himself, but he never learned to do it. Or maybe he was just too lazy to do it when he had human servants to take care of it for him.

Our old Skittles cat had problems drinking. It was not that she didn’t know how or couldn’t get water down. She was afraid of everything and one of the things she feared was the water bowl. She would be drinking and it would do its glug, glug thing. That scared her enough she would run off and hide rather than take a chance of it attacking her.

Amelia Jane likes to play in the water. She especially enjoys flipping pieces of her food in it just to see the splash. She looks at it with curiosity when it glugs, but she is not afraid of it. Ozrow ignores the noise and just keeps on drinking.

I just wish there was some kind of alarm on the water to let me know when it’s low and needs refilling. It would make life easier for all of us.