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How Important is the Green Swamp?

Posted on Wednesday, November 19, 2014 at 1:11 am

Peggy Cox 004Peggy Cox, president of APWR and member of the Lake County Water Board, addressed the November meeting of the South Lake County Historical Society about the importance of the Green Swamp to the quality of life in South Lake County and surrounding areas.
The Green Swamp is the second largest in Florida after the Everglades, is the origin of 5 major river systems, can be found in parts of 5 different counties, and has been considered an “area of critical concern” since 1974.  It has also been designated as the “Heart of the Floridan Aquifer.”
Historically the Swamp played a major role in the Seminole Wars, was a source of turpentine processed from rosin tapped from pine trees, was logged for cypress and long-leaf pine trees until they almost disappeared, provided homes for Florida Crackers, and hunting & fishing locations for area residents and tourists.
Currently the Swamp is home to over 330 species of flora and fauna including more species of butterflies than anywhere else in the state of Florida. Access into the Green Swamp is limited by unpaved roads and can be challenging. This is why nature has been able to flourish.
If you are interested in history in general or the history of South Lake County in particular, you can contact the Historical Society by going to our website at; or by calling Dodie King, Historic Village manager, at 352-593-8496.