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Land of Apricots …. In Search of History: Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, November 15, 2017 at 1:51 am

My name is Dr Zaffar. I am an Internal Medicine Physician and my clinic is located in the Publix Plaza in front of Reunion. We offer primary care and aesthetics services like Botox, fillers, laser hair removal and removal of spider veins.
Recap: while driving on Old Silk Road to China we stayed in the Valley of Hunza which I call “Land of Apricots”.
On our way to Altit Fort (1100 years old ) we missed the turn and ended up on a narrow dirt road which was only few feet wide. After a few miles of driving, we were really worried about how we could turn back. There were steep falls on both sides, but eventually we reached a waterfall which had some space beneath it, where we were surprised to see another person with his car was stuck like us. We all came out of our vehicles and guided our driver to turn around. It took us a long time with lots of back & forth to turn, but we did not have a choice. At last after a long struggle of turning we drove back to the last village where we had missed the turn.
After parking under a tree we started walking on a small brick road that seemed to be a few hundred years old. All of a sudden we were stopped by a guy who asked us to buy tickets to the Fort for only $1. After paying we kept walking on that small brick road and we were followed by young kids who were looking at us as though they had never seen any strangers before. It felt like we entered in Alice in Wonderland and everyone was looking at us. Eventually we reached the gate of the 1100 year old fort. The first thing we saw was many women carving apricot wood and making utensils like plates, spoons, etc. We started taking pictures and all of sudden a loud voice shouted in English, “Stop these guys!”… to be continued
Adapted from incoming book “Road to China”. For pictures & videos visit
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