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Land of Apricots …. In Search of History: Part 3

Posted on Wednesday, January 24, 2018 at 1:11 am

My name is Dr Zaffar. I am an Internal Medicine Physician and my clinic is located in the Publix Plaza in front of Reunion. We offer primary care and aesthetics services like Botox, fillers, laser hair removal and removal of spider veins.
Recap..while driving on Old Silk Road to China we stayed in the Valley of Hunza which I call “Land of Apricots”. This valley has 2 historic forts, we reached Altit Fort first (1100 years old).
We entered the fort and started taking pictures of women carving utensils from apricot wood. All of sudden a few local guys started shouting in English – “stop it”. They came in front of us and started to grab the cameras from us. We were scared that they might kidnap us – some of them had weapons. The first thing that came into my mind was, they will kidnap me and then my picture will be on CNN with an orange suit and a knife at my neck – I was sweating. But the next demand they had gave us some relief – that we have to pay them $1000 to take pictures or make a video. We were not in the mood to pay that much money just to take pictures. After long negotiations we paid $200, but just for pictures, no video. This was at least a sigh of relief that we are getting robbed but not kidnapped by some terrorists.
The fort was really historic, everything was built with mud. I still took my small action cam in my palm and hiding from these thugs I made a movie and my friends were taking pictures. It shows the life and culture of the Huns Dynasty, this fort is surrounded by the Brusho tribe and many different tribes who were basically Romans that settled here centuries ago. This fort has been recently restored by joint efforts of the governments of Norway and Japan and Prince Agha Khan, a French British business magnate.
Adapted from upcoming book “Road to China”. For pictures & videos visit

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