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Land of Apricots, Part 2

Posted on Wednesday, July 19, 2017 at 1:02 am

My name is Dr Zaffar. I am an Internal Medicine Physician and my clinic is located in the Publix Plaza in front of Reunion. We offer primary care and aesthetics services like Botox, fillers, laser hair removal and removal of spider veins.
Recap: While driving on Old Silk Road to China, our last main stop was in the valley of Hunza which I call “Land of Apricots”. Hunza is one of the most beautiful places on our way to China. In this valley you can see thousands and thousands of apricot trees with apricots hanging like golden jewelry.
We were driving on a narrow road towards our hotel at the top of the mountain, around 9400 feet. On our way we saw young girls carrying apricots in their straw made backpacks. We stopped and asked them if we can buy apricots, and the answer was very surprising! They cannot sell the apricots, but we can eat as much as we want. We all just looked at each other! In the meantime the girls each filled their hands with apricots, washed them in the nearby cold water stream, and gave them to us.
Honestly speaking I have never tasted such delicious apricots in my life. It took us a few minutes to finish them and we wanted more, but they refused to sell any. We did not want to get more for free so we moved on.
That whole night I could feel and taste the apricots. I kept thinking, why don’t they sell them? The first thing the next morning I went to the fruit market to ask, but surprisingly not a single piece of apricot was available in the whole fruit market — when you can see thousands of apricots filling the trees around the area.
To be continued…..

From Dr. Nauman Zaffar, Z Medical Center, 7810 Lake Wilson RD, Davenport, FL 33896, 863-420-7617.