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Largo…Not just a destination…He’s a way of life!

Posted on Tuesday, November 18, 2014 at 1:42 am

largoHello! My name is Largo and I’m looking for a home to call my own and a family that likes to relax. Animal services found me wandering astray and determined that at one time I must have had a family because I was already neutered and microchipped. I’m not sure what happened to my family, but I was rescued by Houndhaven, and since then, they’ve been looking after me like a loving family should.
I was diagnosed with something called heartworms and have been going through the boring treatment for that. It is boring because I have to stay calm and can’t play with the other dogs until the treatment is done. I’m a pretty quiet guy and never give the volunteers any trouble. I’ve been told I’m a well behaved boy, and that I walk nicely on a leash.
I’m only three years old and am a yellow lab mix, so I’m actually a little smaller than a lab, and I really aim to please. I don’t mind bath time, and all the other grooming activities that go with it. Houndhaven has me up to date on all of my vaccines, and I will be as good as new very soon, once my heartworm treatment is done. I love when the volunteers dote on me, and I love to give them some good loving in return. If you feel it’s time to have our mellow boy Largo be a part of your life, please visit and review our adoption policies and procedures.