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Pastfinders Genealogy Conference

Posted on Sunday, February 11, 2018 at 1:47 am

Pastfinders of South Lake County; Genealogical Society proudly held their first genealogy conference the first weekend of February. Guest speakers included Jack Butler, FSGS, Keith Breedlove, INS, C. Ann Staley, CG,CGL, Jennifer Juttelstad, DMA and Ron Snell, guitarist. Turnout was wonderful, refreshments were delicious and the speakers were phenomenal. Thank you to all that attended, thank you to all our volunteers and thank you to our wonderful speakers for teaching us so much.
Pastfinders is dedicated to teaching the art and science of family history research. Pastfinders programs are free. They are held at Cooper Memorial Library in Clermont. Please “Like” us on Facebook PastfinderofSL or email us for more information at